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Tom of Finland Foundation in Los Angeles

Transmasculine Pelvic Health: What you need to know from a Physical Therapist’s perspective

Gay Men’s Pelvic Health: Gaynal Sex, Just the Tips from a Physical Therapist’s perspective.


Children of Lilith Temple in Boyle Heights Los Angeles

Pelvic Health workshops for Sex Workers

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Silent Art Auction in Los Angeles

Don’t miss this chance to buy original artwork from LA based Queer Artists! Sign up to be notified. 

Transmasculine Chest

Unbind & Unwind

Chest Binding education and support for trans men.

Doctor Researching

Inclusive Healthcare

Inclusive documents and education for Healthcare Providers.

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Pelvic Health Maintenance

Prevent Pelvic Health dysfunction through exercise & mindfulness.

Gay Male Couple

Gender-Affirming Surgery Support

Gender-affirming surgery education and exercise plans.

Transgender Person Resting

Harm Reduction

Sex Education for LGBTQIA+ and Kink Communities. 

Lesbian Couple

Pelvic Floor Galore

Increasing awareness of pelvic floor anatomy, physiology and dysfunctions.


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