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 Meet Our Amazing Team  

 Some Pelvic Sanctuary Team members remain anonymous due to safety concerns. They are transgender and sex worker individuals who consult on our programming and assist with outreach.
Our team has been selected for their professional backgrounds and diverse life experiences as we strive to be inclusive in our Pelvic Health considerations.

Allison (AL) Schulte


Founder/CEO, MFA/PTA

Pelvic Health Coach

AL/Allison Schulte, a queer-identifying Pelvic Health Specialist, and former Sex Worker, passionately advocates for destigmatizing taboos around human sexuality to advance Social Justice. Leveraging her extensive education in Physical Therapy, focusing on Pelvic Health and gender-affirming care, she works to bridge the diversity gap in Pelvic Health education and services. Growing up in punk and hardcore scenes, her understanding of social justice and activism is rooted in DIY and grassroots efforts, which prepared her to build Pelvic Sanctuary from scratch.

Additionally, AL studied the body through art and politics at Universität Der Kunst, Berlin, and the California Institute of the Arts (MFA) and Library Science at San Jose State University and has over 25 years of dance experience. This diverse life trajectory enriches her understanding of the body's intricacies and nuances while cultivating robust research skills. 

Her dedication to learning has been recognized with numerous grants and scholarships from the Art Libraries Society of North America, Special Libraries Association, Maharishi Institute, CalArts, Institute of Museum and Library Services, and Dharma Moon. Through her work with prestigious organizations like the Tom of Finland Foundation, the Alfred Kinsey Institute, and the Leather Archives & Museum, she has significantly contributed to preserving and archiving human sexuality.

AL remains actively involved with the LGBTQIA+, Sex Worker, and Queer Art communities in Los Angeles, creating a solid bridge for Pelvic Sanctuary program outreach. Her personal mission is to transform the paradigm of pelvic health, ensuring it is welcoming to LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC individuals and acknowledging and embracing a broader spectrum of perspectives on sexuality.

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Kisha Robinson


Executive Treasurer, Diversity Consultant

Diverse Bellydancer

Kisha, a valuable member of our nonprofit's board, brings a wealth of skills and diverse perspectives to LGBTQIA+ health education. Having a background in Social Work that led to becoming a Holistic Life Coach, she offers a unique blend of expertise and empathy in supporting individuals on their wellness journeys. As a proud, plus-sized Black woman, Kisha brings valuable insights and considerations to ensure inclusivity and representation within our programs. Her passion for body positivity and self-love resonates strongly with LGBTQIA+ and kink communities, fostering an environment of acceptance and empowerment. 

Dr. Julie Wallace: DPT


Program Development

Pelvic Health PT

Dr. Wallace, a valuable member of our Pelvic Sanctuary team, is a dedicated program developer focused on providing inclusive pelvic health education for LGBTQIA+ and Sex Worker populations. She is passionate about addressing issues such as leaking, painful intercourse, low back pain, and the physical toll of childbirth, and has special interest in creating more support for transmasculine men and pregnancy. Dr. Wallace combines her solid educational foundation with continuous learning creating a vital role in expanding and refining our programs. With her exceptional skills, compassionate approach, and commitment to inclusive care, she empowers individuals of all genders and lifestyles, to improve their well-being and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

Willy Quach/Dr. Q: DPT


Executive Secretary, Program Development, Educator

Gender-Affirming Doctor

As an accomplished Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in musculoskeletal and pelvic floor dysfunction rehabilitation, Dr. Q brings a holistic approach to our nonprofit's mission of promoting pelvic health education for LGBTQIA+ populations. With extensive education and training in various settings, including clinics, gyms, and hospitals, their expertise spans different individuals, body types, and specialized communities, such as cancer patients.
With a focus on reducing stigma and providing real solutions, our Dr. Q works closely with the LGBTQIA+ community to address the high prevalence of pelvic floor dysfunction and bring awareness to the importance of pelvic health. Their experience in cancer rehabilitation, mainly working with men facing prostate cancer, has led them to advocate for integrating pelvic floor physical therapy as an essential component of cancer treatment.

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Nika Charelle


Advisory Board


Nika Cherrelle, They/Them, is the founder of the International Institute for Sexual Empowerment, which creates a safe space to talk about sex. With over 25 years of experience in the Fine Arts, Nika is a skilled artist, educator, and dedicated activist committed to driving conversations on health, sexuality, and social justice as the podcast host of The House of Cherrelle. , they have been instrumental in increasing diversity in conversations surrounding sexuality, challenging societal norms, and advocating for inclusivity. Through their work, Nika creates a space where all individuals feel loved, honored, and respected, breaking down taboos and promoting healthy relationships with sexuality. As the founder and operator of Nika Cherrelle's LLC, they have demonstrated their dedication to empowering individuals to enjoy their sexuality and sex lives, fostering a world free from sexual shame. With their unique perspective and unwavering commitment to social change, Nika is pivotal in advancing Pelvic Sanctuary's mission of promoting pelvic health education and reproductive justice for all.

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